10 Naughty Cats Who Believe They Are Kings And Queens Of This World


Cats love to make rules and boss around. They like it when things are under their control. You can’t tell a cat what needs to be done. If you even try to do that, things can go really wrong. You surely don’t want to get into that mess.

Here are some naughty cats who believe they are kings and queens of this world. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures and you will understand why!


Cats have come up with new ways to wake their hoomans in the morning. “When your hooman doesn’t listen to you, just sit on her face and cut of the air supply.”


Cats hate it when their hoomans give too much attention to the laptop. Also, the delay in serving them food won’t be taken as a good sign. “You are again late. Look at the time! It’s already ten minutes past my dinner time.”


Cats like to be around plants and destroy them when they start beautiful. “I am the most beautiful cat on this planet. Anything that tries to be more beautiful can’t survive.”


Look at the enthusiastic student who is all set to take music lessons!


Cats can be really dramatic when they get angry. “So you think you can protect food from me? Well, you should know that it is not possible.”


When you are not able to find your cat and he starts giving you hints. “Meow, look up hooman. You are completely useless.”


When you have two cats in the house and they both keep fighting for their favorite spot. Both od them seem quite persistent.


“There is no need to wash your face. You will look just the same.”


When you don’t take your cat’s permission before going out. “Were you trying to escape from me? There is no escape from a cat!”


Only cats get to make the rules in the house. If you even try to make rules, this is how it will end.

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