10 Of The Most Hilarious “Cat People Vs. Dog People” Tweets


The debate between cat people and dog people regarding whose pet is better is never ending. They can go on and on about it and the fight will never come to an end. But while the fight continues, you can always enjoy and laugh out loud. One thing is for sure that cats and dogs love to bring a smile on everyone’s face. They don’t care about who’s the best one between the two of them. The furry ones have always focused on living a life that they like and teaching others to do alike.

Here are some of the most hilarious “Cat people vs Dog people” tweets. Have a look at these tweets and you will surely get a good laugh!


When you have such pawsome animals around, you love them both. There is no need to choose.


It is impossible to control cats. In fact, cats are the ones who go around controlling people. You just can’t change this thing about cats.


Cats know how to change everyone’s opinion, but they won’t change for anyone. In fact, they make sure that their hoomans wish that they were cats.


How can you classify cats? The felines like to explore a lot and it is impossible to classify them into a particular category. Cats can’t even be classified according to their breed.


People who can’t handle cats are the ones who say that they hate them. Once you surrender to cats, you will love cats for sure. There is no other way through.


Cats care for their hoomans as much as dogs do. They just don’t show it enough.


All you have to do is wish for a cat and the cat will appear. Cats are a mystery for humans and they will remain this way.


You just need to get your priorities right and choose the pet accordingly. Once you are clear with what you want, it will be very easy for you to decide if you want a cat or a dog.


Once you start living with cats, you will know that you have been wasting all this while with people around.


Cats find a home for themselves and then they adopt the hoomans living there. The felines don’t like to create much fuss about things. They like to keep it simple.

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