10 Pawsome Stories Of Newly Adopted Cats To Make Your Day


Cats always take happiness and love with them wherever they go. In fact, it is impossible for anyone to stay sad for long once the cat is by their side. The felines are born with the talent to make anyone and everyone around them laugh! It is the easiest thing for them to do.

Here are some pawsome stories of newly adopted cats to make your day. Have a look at these cats and you will definitely have a smile on your face after looking at all these pawsome cats!


Many cats won’t let their hoomans touch them for months. Then there are such cats who have no issues at all. You need to learn the right way to pet a cat before you adopt a cat.


It’s the duty of the cat hooman to make their cats feel welcome. You can use all the little things to make your cat happy. The felines take a note of everything that you do.


Many people are not aware that this is what living with a cat looks like. You just have to make your cat comfortable enough so that he opens up to you.


Putting a bell around the cat’s neck won’t stop it from eating your food. A cat does what it wants and cat hoomans just can’t control them. What they can do is just adore the cuteness of their cats!


When you ask a cat to play with you and throw a ball at him, this is the reaction that you are going to get. Cats don’t play with balls. They only like to play hide and seek with their hoomans.


When you bring two cats home and have no clue what to do with them, there is nothing to worry about. Cats know how to handle everything and they will happily settle in.


Cats are the happiest when they are at their favorite window spot. You can see on this cat’s face how happy she is.


You can clearly see in this cat’s eyes the innocence that cats use to steal everyone’s heart.


When your cat acts all cute and you don’t know how to handle their adorableness.


Always ask for your cat’s permission before taking him out. Cats are not that outgoing and they would prefer to stay at home and sleep all day long.

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