10 Pawsome Tweets That’ll Make You Chuckle A Little Too Much


Pets are the most hilarious ones to have around. They are always busy doing something and it is hilarious to find them this way. Cats are the most adorable ones. Even when they are sitting quietly, they don’t fail to make people laugh.

Here are some pawsome tweets that will make you chuckle a little too much. Have a look!


“Looking out of the window is fine, but this is so much better. I have been wasting all my time sitting by the window.”


Cats are more civilized than humans. They just act silly all the time to make you laugh.


Vets need to keep a tab of all the cats that they don’t want to entertain ever again. Cats have been getting very serious about their pranks lately.


Cats have weird ways to cope with stress. Vets make cats go crazy.


This cat is trying to decide if his hooman’s friend will be able to deal with his pranks or not. “Should I be a good cat or be troublesome? It is getting quite difficult to decide.”

Now cats are capable of walking on two paws. They use the other two to be more efficient. Felines like to keep themselves updated. After all, ruling the world is not an easy job. They definitely have to be at the top when it comes to setting new trends. How can they let their hoomans take this position? It wouldn’t be fair to them at all. So cats have to ensure that they learn everything.


This cat loves to try out her hooman’s new sandals now and then. She really likes the brown ones.


Now this looks super weird. Have you seen any such thing before?


Cats are responsible for all the troubles in their hooman’s life.


This cat is not guilty at all. There was no other option. It had to be done.


This dog is not afraid of trying something new. Appreciate it hooman!

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