10 People Shared Pics of Their Talented Cats That Hollywood Is Crying For


Cats can be quite intriguing pets. They have different sides and not everyone gets to see it. It’s only the lucky ones that get the opportunity to see cats for who they really are. Cat hoomans secretly captured the real side of these cats and the pictures are going viral on the internet.

Here are some pawsome cat pictures shared by the cat hoomans and everyone is going crazy over them. We bet you don’t want to miss these!


Your pet is actually concerned about you. They just don’t show it to you often.


This is a spider cat who is trapped inside the house. Maybe someone should take him out.


When your cat knows that they can take twenty naps a day and you can’t. “I know hooman you are jealous and you can’t do anything about it.”


“Every time I hold my cat in my arms, this is how he reacts. I think he hates this.”


Cats have weird ways to sit. “It’s okay, hooman. I won’t fall down. You can carry on with your work.”

Cats may seem a bit weird, but we know that life will be really dull without them. The felines know that their hoomans need this kind of craziness in their lives. They have to make sure that the fun goes on without any interruption. Cats have the biggest hearts full of love for their hoomans.


When your cat naps on your lap, you better go to sleep too because they are not getting up any time sooner.


Not all cats hate water. Some like to hang out on the beach too.


“Hi hooman, I made this for you. I hope you like it.”


When your dog is an expert at playing fetch, so you go on to challenge them. You did a pretty good job there, doggo.


This dog thinks that the toy is actually a real pup. This is how he likes to carry it everywhere.

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