10 People Who Bought a Ticket to an Endless Show When They Got Themselves a Cat


Cats are a ticket to endless laughter and entertainment. Getting a cat is like entertainment for life. Cats are pawsome pets and they only know how to fill our life with lots of adventures. They don’t care if people will judge them or misunderstand them. They don’t waste their time explaining what they do.

Here are some people who bought a ticket to an endless show when they got themselves a cat. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures and find out for yourself!


When your cats are trying to find something that you have no clue about and can’t help them. Sometimes standing back and laughing at your cats is the best thing that you can do.


“This is how my cat waits for me in the evening. He is getting better at this day by day. I think soon he will start shouting at me for coming home late.”


“One of my cats learnt how to levitate and the other one has no clue how, just like me. It’s alright kitty. Your time will come too.”


“I decided to get a cat and a plant. Now I am left with this.”


“My cat never fails to surprise me. The other day I told him why I broke up with my ex and this is what he did.”


“This is how my cat stares at me when I exercise. I think he is scared that I will fall and hurt myself.”


“This is what my cat did when he got angry with me. Cats surely know how to make you regret what you did.”


This cat has recharged himself. His companions are still in the process.


“My cat taking a sunbath and destroying my plans. This is the only time he is not scared of baths.”


“My cat can’t wait to see his stray friend every evening. This is how they managed to stay in touch even during the lockdown.”

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