10 People Who Found Creative Ways to Pet-Proof Their Christmas Trees


Keeping cats and Christmas tree together is not an option. You will always have to choose among the two. Everyone likes Christmas, even cats. They just don’t like it when someone gets more attention than them. But some cat hoomans have found a way to protect their Christmas trees from their cats and it’s pawsome. Read this story and you will find out all about it.

Here are some people who found creative ways to pet proof their Christmas trees. Have a look at these Christmas trees and you will also get an idea how to save your Christmas tree!


Keep it simple and only decorate the part that your cat can’t reach. This is how you will find the Christmas trees in the house of most cat hoomans. Either they didn’t decorate it completely or their cat destroyed the half of it.


Putting the tree upside down is way better than not putting a tree at all. Cat hoomans have to be creative just like their cats.


Protect your Christmas tree using gift boxes because the cat will always attack the gifts first. Boxes are a priority for most of the cats.


Create a Christmas tree out of books. This will confuse the cat and he won’t even try to ruin it. Cats only hate books when their hoomans are reading them. Not when they are sitting quietly at one corner of the house.


Don’t make any efforts and keep it minimal. Your cat is as it is going to destroy it in the end. So save your time and efforts


When you are a cat hooman, you have to think like a cat. Be extra creative if you want to get what you want.


Be different and confuse your cat. It’s only when you confuse your cat that they stay away from ruining your stuff.


If you think that you will put the Christmas tree where your cat can’t reach it, then you are completely wrong.


Put as much safety for your Christmas tree as possible. Your cat will take sometime, but it will definitely ruin it at last.


Surprise your cat and do something like this. Your cat will only stare at it and won’t bother to destroy it then.

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