10 People Who Got a Cat and a Headache as a Bonus


Cats bring lots of joy and happiness into your lives. But one thing that you may not know is that they bring headaches too. Yes, cats love to create mess. And they are always coming up with ways to get you out of the bed and get some work done. You only get to be lazy when your cat is asleep. At other times, you have to chase them and clean out all the mess they create. No matter what cats do, they always ensure that you are busy doing something productive instead of regretting all the things of the past.

Here are some cat pictures that will show you that cats bring headache as a bonus along with them.


When you think that something is wrong with your cat and take it with the vet only to find out that he is fat. Cats are strange and stranger things happen with their hoomans.


When you wake up in the middle of the night only to find your cats trying to run away. “We were not expecting you to get up at this hour. Did you drink your milk today?”


A cat has to sit where you tell them not to. “How dare you hooman? You know I do exactly what you tell me not to.”


What a rare site to watch a at sitting in a car? This surely doesn’t happen often.


When you think that your cat is asleep, but he is secretly watching you through the curtains.


“Hi hooman, I am ready for the bedtime story.”


When your cat interrupts your serious discussions and act all cute. “Can we just pause to stare at the cat for a minute?”


Cats brush their teeth too. You don’t notice and they take advantage of it.


“Do you want to fight again? Listen, I am tired and need a nap now. Let’s do this later sometime.”


Cats are always watching out for the birds to hunt.

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