10 People Who Just Want A Few Minutes Of Peace From Their Cats


Cats are always up to something or the other. They can never get enough of life. So they keep on trying different things all the time just to make sure that they do everything that they want. But cat hoomans get tired sometimes and want the cats to take a break. This seems like a wish that can never be fulfilled.

Here are some people who just want a few minutes of peace from their cats. Have a look at the pictures of these cats and you will know why is it so!


“You don’t even listen to me, hooman. I know you can’t go anywhere, so this is how I will talk to you now.”


When your cat thinks that you have forgotten about them, they will do everything to make sure that you never forget again.


“What weird thing is this? What use can we make of it?”


Cats are getting smarter day by day. Nothing can stay hidden from them for long. It is amazing to live with such smart creatures.


Cats waiting for the food be like. “What is taking so long, hooman? Get the food quickly!”

Cats act just like the little kids in the family. They want all the attention and affection of their hoomans. The felines keep on doing little things to get their hooman’s attention.


Cats also get bored sometimes. They do everything in their power to kill time. At times, they need your help.


“Everything will be alright soon. You just need to take a nap first.”


“Why would you take such ugly pictures of me, hooman? Look, how ugly I seem in this.”


When your laptop heats up and your cat can’t stay away from it.


With that look on his face, the cat is definitely up to something mischievous.

Go ahead and share this pawsome cat story around! It is always good to put a smile on everyone’s face. Does your cat also do such things? Share in the comments.

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