10 Perfectly Timed Hilarious Pictures of Cats And Dogs


It is almost impossible to take pictures with your furry pets. So instead of clicking pictures with your pets, you can click pictures of them. Our pets know how to look perfect all the time, but some moments are just magical. So be prepared with your camera. You never know when that moment will come into being.

Here are some perfectly timed hilarious pictures of cats and dogs. Have a look at these pictures and you will surely have a good laugh!


“Oh, I forgot my head inside the box. Let me take it out before somebody spots me headless. My hooman will go crazy. He is still not aware of my superpowers.”


Meet the cat with a human body! The head fits perfectly, right?


Never bite a cat’s tail when he is not looking and definitely don’t bite when he is looking. This dog is about to land in some serious trouble. But their hooman will definitely enjoy the show or maybe not.


When your cat knows magic tricks, this is how you will find him when you return home. “Hello hooman, I was bored so I decided to hang outside for some while. Why don’t you join me?”


When your dog is getting all your attention and the cat is obviously not okay with it. “This is not right. I am here. Look at me!”


This is called the perfect moment. “Took my dog out for a walk for the first time and it looks like he made a new friend.”


A furry dog surely knows how to get clicked with the girls. “I should stand right in the middle where everyone can see me and not the girls.”


It can get pretty cold for the dogs too sometimes.


This is why you shouldn’t take pictures with your dog without his permission. No matter how much you love your pet, you surely don’t want this.


When your pet knows how to pose, you shouldn’t miss a single opportunity of clicking his picture.

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