10 Pets Whose Silent Support Is Better Than 1,000 Words


Our pets don’t speak our language, but they always show us their constant support. Cats and dogs find different ways to show their hoomans how much they love them. Even though they might act weird at times and want to be left alone, you should know that they have always got your back.

Here are some pets who silent support is better than a thousand words. Have a look at these pictures and you too would want to adopt a pet!


“Hooman, I will sleep on your behalf and you can do all the work. I am always here to support you.”


A cat won’t ask for your permission and do everything that needs to be done. This is how cats show that they are always there for you.


“My hooman has to work really hard the entire day. I make sure that I have his back.”


Some cats like to sit and watch their hoomans till the time they get food. “I don’t think that I can wait any longer. Is the food ready yet?”


When cats know that their hoomans have something important to do, they go to sleep. “You work while I will take some rest.”

Your pets also give you several reasons to cancel all your plans and stay at home with them. Spending time with your pets is the time well spent.


When your pet is your best friend, you will never feel alone. Pets always support their hoomans in whatever they do.


“This is how my pet looks at me when I am upset. Even though he can’t understand the reason, he sits there and silently supports me.”


When your pet wants to play with you, but it waits silently because it knows that you are busy.


Even your pets know that little things matter the most.

My old girl loves to come say hi in the morning.


The joy you get after meeting your little pup at the end of the day cannot be compared to anything else.

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