10 Photos Proving Pets Are More Fragile Than We Think


Most of the times we think that our pets don’t understand much. When it comes to cats, people think that they are mean and selfish. The felines are also considered strong and it seems that things don’t affect them much. But this is not so. Our furry pets, be it dogs or cats, are equally fragile. Even though they may not speak your language, the pets understand everything that goes on in your life. They are the first ones to know when you are not feeling good. This is why they keep on doing silly things to make you laugh.

Here are some photos proving pets are more fragile than we think. Have a look at these cats and you will know how fragile your pets are!


When you are planning to travel with your friends, but your cat has other things in mind. “What if we stay at home this weekend and do nothing?”


“Don’t look at me like you are going to ask me to leave!” Sometimes cats are so expressive that it seems like they are trying to say something.


When you ask your cat if you can leave for work and this is how he reacts. “No, absolutely not. You are not going to go anywhere today.”


Cats feel really bad for their hoomans when they have to work till late. Cats love to spend time with their hoomans and they get really upset when they don’t get their hooman’s attention.


When you try to console your cat, but he hasn’t given you the permission to touch him. “Stay away from me! Go get some food for me first.”


When your pet knows that the ride is over and it’s time to go home, this is something that he might do. “Can we go for another ride? I don’t feel like going home right now.”


Just like hoomans, dogs also car how they look. Please ask for their permission before you ask try to impose your decisions upon them.


When you find your dog focusing on the movie more than you and it seems as if he will cry.


Your furry friend always knows that you are about to go outside. Look how prepared this one looks!


When you cancel your plans and make your pet go back inside. “You are not supposed to break promises, hooman. You know I trust you!”

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