10 Photos Proving That Cats Can Be Really Mean


People often say that cats are selfish and it turns out to be true at times. Cats need to get what they want and nobody can stop them. But sometimes, the cats end up being mean to other people or dogs. Well, they don’t have any bad intentions for others. All they want is to fulfil their wishes.

Here are pictures that show that cats can be really mean. Have a look and you will know to what extent cats can go to achieve what they want.


“This looks new. Let me check if it is strong enough to protect you.”


Cats don’t like to use the doors. If it isn’t different from the rest, cats won’t like it.


Sleeping on a pizza slice is a cat’s favorite thing to do.


“There is nothing interesting to watch. What should I do now?”


“From where did you get so many shoes? Did you steal them? Don’t worry I will protect them if someone comes looking for them.”

Just like humans, cats also have some weaknesses. Shoes is among them. You will often find a cat sitting on your shoes. Somehow, cats find shoes really comfortable to sleep up. We can never really understand cats and their weird choices. But till the time it is all hilarious, we can do with it.


If the cat wants your bed, you simply obey. There is no other option.


Cats act like a supervisor now who ensures that their hoomans are doing the work properly. They are very responsible and know how to get things done.


“This is empty. Where is the pizza? You ate it all alone!”


“My hooman asked me to look after his laptop in his absence. I made sure nobody touches it except me.”


This dog doesn’t want to fight with the cat, so he gave the cat his bed. Nowadays, dogs are scared of cats. Time changes everything or at least cats do.

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