10 Photos That Prove Cats Are Aliens


Cats do weird things all the time. But you are soon about to find out why cats do what they do. The truth is that the cats don’t belong to this planet because they are aliens. There is nothing weird about cats when they belong to another world all together. This also justifies why they are nothing like our other pets. Cats are unique and they embrace who they are. The felines will never do anything to blend in.

Here are some photos that prove cats are aliens. Have a look at these cats and you will know why cats are aliens!


Cats are always excited to meet another cats. Look how carefully this cat is looking at all his fellow cats on the TV! He is preparing to join the parade.


When the cat hooman has to go to work, but the cat magically sticks to the car and doesn’t move. Gravity never bothered the cats. They rule the world and the laws of science doesn’t apply to them.


You may ask that if this cat is really levitating, but you will get all your answers when you look closely.


This cat’s hooman bought this shiny keyboard so that the cat can peacefully sleep on it. Cats have a tendency to distract their hoomans when they have work to do. So the cat hoomans have started founding a way out now.


This is how happy the cat gets when he finally has the throne. After all, the cat should have what rightly belongs to them.


Staring at your cat while it sleeps is the most peaceful thing ever. Cats are already adorable and they become magical when they sleep like little angels.


When you couldn’t find your cat for hours and your cat gives up all hope that you will ever find him.


When you have a black cat in the house, it’s better to have white cabinets and walls. It will be easy to find the cat when he will try to hide. But sometimes, the cats are so quiet that you won’t even realise that they are there.


When you leave your cat in another room and it wants to remind you of its existence.


There is no particular way as to how a cat is supposed to sleep. Cats can sleep in any position and anywhere they like.

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