10+ Photos That Prove Cats Are Mean But Adorable


People call cats mean and cunning. But they are not what they look. The felines have a beautiful heart and they care for you more than you think. They are pawsome creatures who want to fill everyone’s life with fun and adventure.

Here are some cats that are mean but adorable. Have a look at these pictures and see how pawsome cats are!


Not all dogs like to fight with cats. Some of them surrender without a fight because they prefer peace.


No news is more important than a cat.


Christmas prayers can wait. This cat needs to take a nap first.


Do you want to convince your cat to go on a car ride with you? Here’s one simple trick that will convince any cat to come along.


This is my cat and he has ruined every chair in the house. He knew this one was my favorite one.

You can see that cats have really innovative ideas when it comes to troubling their hoomans. They seem to be an expert at it. What do you think?


“It would be better if you kept your mouth shut at this hour.”


A cat always has your back, sometimes literally. “This is why I break all the bottles in the house. But you can’t stop your hooman when she wants to get drunk and sick.”


This cat has trained the dog to play fetch really well. He also gave his blessings to the dog. Now nobody can defeat him.


“I said no junk food. How dare you order this pizza. Never mind,  got a warm place to sit on now.”


When you have to take your cat’s permission before doing the laundry. “Kitty, can you get a little aside please?”


“I was trying to arrange a white carpet for you. This is all I could manage. I hope you like it.”


“I see you chose this book over me. Why did you adopt me at all?”

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