10 Photos That Prove Cats Are The Rulers Of The World


Cats rule the world and there is no doubt about it. They know all the tactics to control their hoomans and there is something about cats that you can’t get away with them. Felines are pawsome and once you meet them, you will become a huge fan of them. Cat hoomans around the world know that life is dull without cats.

Here are some photos that prove cats are the rulers of the world. Have a look at these cats and you will know why cats rule the world!


This cat has no worries except for getting his teeth back. Look how serious the cat seems!


This is how the cat reacts when you try and touch him. You have to careful with certain things when you start living with a cat.


What do you do when you have to hold your baby and cat together? This is how you can make them both settle for something. The cat always goes on top though.


When your cat needs something to entertain itself, this is what you are supposed to do for the cat.


When your cat likes to hide in the shadow, it could be a bit difficult to find him. You have to look for your cat everywhere.

Living with black cats is a different story altogether. You will face a lot of different issue and get to tell a lot of hilarious stories too.


This is what living with two pawsome cats look like. You just can’t have it any other way.


When the cat wants to sit on a comfortable place so that he can sit and stare at his hooman without much disturbance, this is what it will look like.


Once in a while, the cat lord appears and this is how he looks down upon the entire humanity.


Do not follow a cat! He won’t like it at all. Only a cat is allowed to follow you around.


Cats get a lot of satisfaction when they are able to fit their paws in their food bowl. It’s a different kind of happiness that only cats can understand.

Don’t forget to share this hilarious cat story with your family and friends in order to put a smile on their face! Does your cat also rule your world? Share your views with us in the comments.

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