10 Photos That Show The True Nature Of Cats


Cats are strange pets who always follow their hearts. They won’t care for your opinion and use their own logic. Everything is right when it is related to cat logic. It would be in your best interest not to question a cat’s logic. When a cat says something, it has to be right.

Here are some hilarious cat photos that show the true nature of cats. Have a look at these pictures and you will have an idea what it feels like to live with a cat!


A cat never shares his bed with anyone. Also, it won’t mind throwing you out of your bed.


It doesn’t matter if the box is comfortable enough to fit everyone or not. When your cats want to sleep in the box, they will.


Cats are allowed to sit on any chair whenever they want. If their hooman is already sitting on that chair, then he needs to get up.


This is how things will end when you decide to do puzzle with your cat. “We are done here. You can clean up the mess, hooman.”


A dog is supposed to follow all the orders of the cat in the house if he wants to stay there.


Your cat can also eat from your plate when you are not looking. So if you don’t want that, better offer what you are eating to your cat as well.


Your cat will sleep in anything that is uncomfortable, rather than the soft bed that you bought for him. That’s how cats are. They don’t like to have it easy.


This is what your cat might do when your other cat is sleeping on his favorite spot.


“Plants are supposed to look like this. Humans have no clue about it. We have to take charge of everything in this house.”


You are not allowed to play video games when there is a cat in your home. Either play with the cat or don’t play at all.

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