10 Photos That Show Us How Animals See the World Through Their Own Eyes


Animals and humans have very different eyes from each other. This impacts their vision and the way they look at the world.

Here are some photos that show us how animals see the world through their own eyes. Have a look at these pictures and you will know that life can be so different if you look at it through the eyes of these animals!


Your cat doesn’t see as clearly as you. Maybe this is why you feel like your cat is ignoring you most of the time.


Birds can see ultraviolet colors and everything is always colorful to them. Birds even see black birds as colorful.


The world of shrimps is not as clear as yours. The mantis shrimps have most complex eyes that you might have come across in your life.


Goats have rectangular pupils due to which they have improved peripheral vision and a better depth sense. Their split pupils help them see better even in the dark and the sun also doesn’t blind them.


Scorpions have more than two eyes. They have five extra pairs of eyes on their sides. But they can only make out the difference between light and darkness.


Many people think that bats are blind, but this is not so. Some of the bats can see certain colors, while others are color blind.


Mole rats live underground and don’t even need eyes. But most of the mole rats have tiny eyes using which  they are able to see color. Their eyes are generally sensitive to greenish yellow and blue light.


Rabbits cannot see the red color. But unlike humans, rats have grainy vision. Rabbits can see in more directions as compared to humans as their eyes are on the sides of their heads.


In the animal kingdom, the colossal squid has one of the biggest eyes. Their vision is similar to binoculars. Interestingly, squids can also see in the dark as they produce light.


Most of the worms don’t even have eyes. They only have light receptors with the help of which they can tell the difference between light and darkness.

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