10 Pics That Are Proof Two Cats Are Better Than One


When the cats like to have fun, they don’t care how their hoomans feel. But the end result will always be a smile on their hooman’s face. Even though cats create a lot of mess at times, they fill the entire home with lots of love and happiness. Just imagine if one cat can do so much, life would be so much better if two of them will be there in your home. Many people are lucky to be living with two cats and they will tell you that it’s completely pawsome.

Here are some pictures that are proof two cats are better than one. Have a look at these cats and you will know that life is better with cats around!


When there are two cats around, it is very difficult to keep track who’s who. Look how similar the two felines look! Their hooman took some time to figure out that there were two cats and not just one.


Never ever scold your cat when there are two of them. First the other one would take care of his mate whom you scolded and then they will come after you together.


With a black cat and a white one in the house, you don’t need any other friends. They will always keep you entertained.


How many cats are there in the picture? The answer is never simple when cats are involved.


Like mother, like daughter. The more number of cats there are in the home, the more fun you have.

When there are two cats in the house, you can never get bored. Your cats will make sure that you stay amused and happy at all times.


When you ask your cats if they want to visit the vet and this is how they react.


Some cats like to trouble their hoomans, while some only want good food.


When your cats look so similar, it gets difficult to keep track.


Life is always better when you have two cats in it. “Why are you sad, hooman? Do you want us to put a smile on your face?”


These cats live in the same home and this is how they meet each other. It’s called bird watching together.

Go ahead and share this happiness with all your friends and family. Everyone should know that two cats are way better than just one.

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