10 Sassy Cats That Are Too Dramatic For Their Own Good


Cats have a reputation to maintain, so they have to do a lot of silly things. Being dramatic is what cats are known for and it isn’t easy. It may look like a cakewalk, but it isn’t. coming up with new crazy ideas everyday isn’t easy. So stop criticising cats and start appreciating them because you can’t do what they do.

Here are some sassy cats that are too dramatic for their own good. Have a look and you will know what it takes to be a cat!


“Why is this cat hiding its face? Is it scared of me or is it because I look prettier?”


This cat is busy teaching his unicorn to fly. When a cat teaches, everyone learns. There is no other way.


Attention and adventure are two things that cats can’t do without.


These cats are waiting for their hooman. Both of them will jump right into his lap to get the comfortable seat. Competition is getting tough lately.


When you think that your cat is happy with you, but then you get to a reality check. “Run hooman! I am coming for you.”

Cats may not talk to you all the time. But when they do, they won’t stop. They will tell you everything that they have been holding on.


Cats are the best companion that you can have. All they need is your constant attention and lots of love.


This cat sits in her water bowl every time it’s empty. Weird way of letting his hooman know that she wants water.


Cats need to have their share in everything you bring home. “I like this place and the view from here. You can keep the plant somewhere else. Thank you!”


“This plant bites back and it hurts bad.” This cat learned his lesson the hard way.


This cat is tired of seeing his hooman work all day. “Will you shut this machine down or should I push it to the ground?”

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