10 Scientific Facts Explaining Why We Live on Cats’ Terms and Not the Other Way Around


Cats do everything for a reason and you are about to know why. Here are some scientific facts explaining why cat hoomans need to live as per their cats’ terms.


Your cat started meowing just for you. It doesn’t have any meaning in the cat language. Cats know that you will do anything for them when they start meowing. It’s their secret weapon.


Cats are near-sighted. So you have to adjust to their vision and do things accordingly. Don’t expect your cat to start jumping when you signal at them from far away.


Here’s how cats age as compared to humans. They will always be wiser than you. So stop arguing with our cat and start listening to them.


Cats love to ask their hoomans to open the door for them even when they don’t want to enter. This is their way of exercising control over their hoomans. Cats love to test their power from time to time.


Many people don’t know this, but cats were a part of the wars also. Cats were used as a shield against Egyptians. As cats are considered sacred by the Egyptians, they would never attack the cats. Cats have always been a savior.


Cats always sniff food before eating it. This is not just their way of doing things. Cats do this for a reason. Cats can’t see things that are placed exactly before them. This is why they need to sniff and check that it is food and not anything else.


We are about to tell you a very important thing now. The answer to the question that you have been asking since ages. What do your cats think about you? Well, cats consider you nothing more than big dumb cats. That’s what you are to your cat. Cats don’t understand why you do silly things. In fact, they know that you can be manipulated very easily too. Well, it is quite true.


Your cats were not originally as adorable as they are today. This is how they looked thousands of years ago.

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