10 Selfless Cats Who Were Ready to Do Anything for Their Hoomans


Cats love their hoomans more than you can imagine. They may not run after their hoomans all the time. But they are always around their hoomans. Cats can’t leave their hoomans alone, but they also can’t bear it when their hoomans hug them. Still, they can do anything for their hoomans. All the weird things that they do are just to make their hoomans laugh. You may call them weird, but you should know that it’s only for you.

Here are some cat pictures that show that they are ready to do anything for their hoomans. Have a look and you will get impressed too.


“Is this how you hold a pen? Tell me where do I have to sign?”


“My cat waits for me to give instructions every morning. He doesn’t move from this position till the time I get out of bed.”


“I am always here to hold your hand or maybe take a nap on it. Either of them suits me, but I prefer naps.”


“It’s midnight hooman. Go back to sleep. I will not do anything weird to make you laugh at this hour. I need to meet my friends and discuss something important.”


“Is this fine or should I smile wider? Take me under the sun and I will do anything for you.”

We told you that you will get impressed and we bet you are. Cats are so charming that they can walk into anyone’s heart any time they want.


“I am tired of fulfilling my hooman’s wishes. He has a long list of crazy things cats do and I don’t want to prove him wrong.”


“This hooman is throwing way more tantrums than I can handle. What should I do?”


When your cat starts brushing his teeth, he definitely ate something that he shouldn’t be eating.


“When your hoomans wants to take good pictures of you and post it on social media, you don’t say no.”


“My hooman likes to do crazy things and I can’t say no.”

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