10 Signs That Your Cat Is The Alpha In Your Relationship


Cats rule the world and it is absolutely true. There is no way that any person can change this. A cat got to do what it wants to do. Many cat hoomans still don’t believe that their cats are the alpha in their relationship. If you are also a part of that herd, then you need to open your eyes and see around. The reality is not what you think it is. Cats have always been the alpha in the relationship and they will always be.

Here are some cat pictures that will prove that cats are the alphas in the relationship. Have a look at these pictures and you will get a reality check!


Cats bite when they don’t get the attention they need. What better proof do you need than this?


This cat doesn’t want his hooman to get fit. “You don’t need this. Stop it now!”


Cats can never leave toilet paper alone. Where there’s a cat, there has to be a mess.


Don’t push it down and you will get the extra treats today. But it seems that the cat doesn’t care about the treats.


Never leave a glass unattended when there is a cat in the house. You won’t see the glass again and clean the mess as well.

Cats have a thing for breaking glasses and throwing things off the counter. It gives them sheer pleasure. But not their hoomans.


Cats get really happy when they break stuff. What sort of pleasure is this?


This cat is walking towards his hooman or maybe just past her.


This is what cats do when their hooman tries to leave home without their permission.


When your cat doesn’t want you to stop petting them and leave, this is what it will do. “I did not give you the permission to leave yet, hooman. come back and continue.”


This is when cats finally let their hoomans touch them. Cats always get their wishes fulfilled.


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