10 Smug Cats Who Couldn’t Care Less About The Gift You Bought Them


Impressing a cat is not an easy task. You can get all the expensive things that you want for your cat, but it may not be any helpful. Your cat will be happier sleeping inside an empty box rather than the expensive bed that you got for him. Cats are completely unpredictable.

Here are some smug cats who couldn’t care less about the gift you brought them. Have a look!


“This dust pan is more comfortable than the expensive bed that my hooman got me. He got fooled by the seller.


“My hooman got me something that has bones drawn all over it. I don’t understand why my hooman would do that. I hope he knows that I am a cat and not a dog.”


The cat likes to drink fresh water from the tap. He won’t care for the new water dish that you got for him.


How about sleeping on top of the tent instead of inside it? The view is much better from here.


A box is always a better place to sleep as compared to an expensive cat bed that only looks comfortable.


“My hooman got me some toys. But I like this white paper roll better. It’s fun to tear it into small pieces and spread it all over the place.”


Please remember to hide the box whenever you get a present for your cat. The feline will not even pay attention to your present once he finds the empty box.


“My hooman got a weird big fish today. I thought it would be better to be friends with him rather than putting my life into danger. Look at those huge teeth he has.”


“We had to carve out a whole out of the box because our cat refused to get out of it. Now, this is his new home. He really likes it.


A cat can fit in anywhere he feels like. Look at this fur ball here sitting peacefully inside the envelope.

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