10 Sneaky Cats That Managed to Steal Food from Distracted Humans


Cats love you a lot, but they won’t think twice before stealing your food. If you think that you can get away with not sharing your food with them, then you are completely wrong. Cats know all the smart ways to get some extra food. They may steal food from you and for you always. In both cases, you are in lot of trouble.

Here are some cats that easily managed to steal food from their distracted hoomans. Their pawsome techniques always work, both to steal food and make us laugh. Have a look at the hilarious pictures of cat stealing food here!


When you go away to get sauce and your cat takes full advantage of the situation. Cats are pretty smart and they won’t leave even a single opportunity of stealing food.


Cats also know how to convince their hoomans to keep the stolen food.


“How do dogs play fetch all the time? I can’t even hold this fruit for two seconds. I need to take some lessons from my doggo friend.”


“I was waiting to tell you that someone stole your food. I tried my best to stop them. Go look for the thief, he wouldn’t have gone far!”


Cats steal their hooman’s food all the time and they don’t regret it.


“We were out of butter and our cat got it for us this morning. Cats are really thoughtful pets.”


When you have two cats in your home, you only get one-third of the food that you cooked for yourself. Sharing is caring. Cats know this very well.


When your cat knows that you are hungry and brings food for you. This is a special moment for every cat hooman. Cats care for their hoomans, but they don’t always show it.


“I think you should put some salt in your food. It will taste better.”


When you are busy on a call and your cat finishes all your food. Not fair, kitty!

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