10 Times Cats Ruined Totally Purrfect Shots


Cats are masters at stealing everyone’s attention. Whenever cats feel that they are not getting the desired attention, they jump right in the middle of everything. The way cats handle a situation is really funny and their reactions are the most hilarious ones. If you have ever caught a cat in action, you may still remember the entire thing very clearly. It’s impossible to forget such a thing.

Here is a collection of some pawsome cats who ruined the purrfect shots. Have a look or else you will regret!


Cats hate it when another human enters their hooman’s life. “Am I not enough? Is this all really necessary?”


This cat has mastered the purrfect pose.


This dog is unaware what the clever cat has planned for him. “Smile as much as you want stupid dog. I will make sure that smile vanishes soon and I get all of the hooman’s attention.”


This bride is about to shout on her cat for what he is about to do. Good luck, kitty!


This baby got a cute furry tail that adds to his cuteness.

Cats blend in well with little babies as well. At first, cats are a little scared of the little babies because they are not aware of the hidden powers of these little humans. But once the cats and the babies get to know each other, they become the best friends that are inseparable. This cat and baby here is the purrfect example of this bond.


When you don’t want your cat to be a part of the selfie, but he participates willingly. Just look at the excitement on this cat’s face.


This cat hooman is trying to motivate his cat to get up and move.


When cat comes in between and steals all the limelight. Best steal ever!


Look a little closely and you may catch a glimpse of the mastermind.


This hooman agreed to pose for a pictures when his hooman asked him a thousand times.

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