10 Times Cats Said “If It Fits, I Sits” And Proved Themselves Right


For cats, nothing is impossible. Cats love to take challenges and they are never scared of anything. The best thing is that they never let fear come in their way. They know how to make things possible one way or the other. This is why victory always belongs to the cats.

Here are some times cats said “If it fits, I sits” and proved themselves right. Have a look and you will know how cats made it all possible!


When your cat makes sure that the cat doesn’t get lonely, he will fit inside the big cone. “Let me wear this cone of shame along with you.”


If a cat likes something, it will find a way to stick to it.


“I see you and I know that you think some things are impossible. But hooman, everything becomes possible if you try.”


It runs in their blood, the love for boxes. This is why cats can’t stay away from boxes.


Cats have the capability to find amazing hiding places.

Box or no box, if a cat fits inside, it will sit. Cats love to play hide and seek with their hoomans. They are very creative when it comes to hiding. If you ever play hide and seek with your cat, look in the most unexpected places. You still won’t be able to find your cat because it is impossible to beat cats in this game.


Be careful, there is a cat inside the box. When you live with a cat, always look inside the box before throwing it away. Your cat maybe sleeping inside it.


These cats really respect their hooman for making this tower of boxes for them. There hasn’t been a bigger invention in this world for the cats.


Cats love to sit inside a bowl and do nothing all day long.


Even the cat is surprised that he could fit inside this jar or maybe he is just scared that he won’t be able to get out of it.


This is the toughest choice that a cat has ever had to make.

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