10 Trouble Making Cats Who Don’t Care What You Think


Cats always have some or the other mission to achieve. The felines always focus on their mission and they don’t worry how it will affect others. Cat hoomans think a lot about their cats. They do their best to understand why cats do what they do. Little do they know that their cats live in their own world and care little about what their hoomans think.

Here are some trouble making cats who don’t care what you think. Have a look!


“I didn’t know that eating those hair elastics would result into so many visits to the vet and pain of course. Else, I wouldn’t have done it.


“I didn’t know that it wouldn’t fight back. It’s his fault, not mine.”


This cat has the purrfect timings for everything. We totally appreciate you for this, little kitty. But you should care a little for your hoomans too.


“I had to do this to get my hooman’s attention. He forgot that I still live in this house. There was no other option.”


“Why do you have to judge me for everything? Do I ever judge you for picking your nose?”

You will never succeed if you will try to understand cats. It would be best if you sit back and enjoy the hilarious show that they put up. The felines have pawsome ideas all the time and they are not even scared to execute them. Even though cats do weird and strange things at times that definitely need an explanation, they stay quiet and continue being pawsome.


This cat must have given quite a nice tip to his brother.


“You always have to do this kind of stuff when no one is looking. These hoomans know nothing.”


Cats have really funny ideas at times and they don’t even think twice before executing them.


When cats do something for fun, they don’t worry how it will affect others.


A cat has to take care of everything in the house including fashion.

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