10 Tumblr Posts About Animals That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At


Cats keep on doing stupid things just to make everyone around them laugh. But sometimes, the felines don’t even realize how hilarious they can be. You would have to observe them really carefully or else you will miss it all. Cats don’t express often. But when they do, there’s a lot that you can learn about them.

Here are some tumblr posts about animals that are impossible not to laugh at. Have a look at these pawsome cats and you won’t be able to control your laughter!


When your cat realizes that you have been trying to make fun of him, there is no way that you can get away with it. Only the cat is allowed to fool his cat hooman and not the other way round.


When you enter in an invited party, this is what you should expect. It is advised that you should leave before it gets too late.


Every cat has the power to control someone’s mind, but this one is doing something else with his ears. Cats are special and they know it very well.


This is for all those people who think that cats are selfish and useless. Look at this cat and you will know that cats are always there to help their hoomans.


This cat found out that her boyfriend have been cheating him all this while and her expressions couldn’t be more apt. Cats may be smart, but they get shocks in life as well.

This cat definitely got the shock of her life and there is no way that she will let it go so easily. You just have to be careful about somethings.


Cats are spectacular beings who understand everything. They just don’t know that their hoomans have no clue about this.


This cat’s innocence is capable of melting everyone’s heart. You just can’t get away from a cat.


Cats either want it all or don’t want anything at all. There’s no middle ground for them.


When the culprit is finally caught and he has nowhere to go.


The furry ones are curious about everything and they can’t stop till they know it all.

Go ahead and share this hilarious story with your family and friends in order to put a smile on their face. Have you also captured in some weird position that made you wonder if it was just a cat? Share your story with us in the comments.

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