10+ Twitter Users Share Hilarious Stories About Their “Mean Cats”


Felines are very smart creatures and they can go to any extent to get what they want. There is nothing in this world that can stop a cat from getting what he really wants. When a cat asks for something, you just give it to him. Or else you will have to face the consequences. It’s either the cat’s way or no way at all. Every cat hooman understands this really well. Still they go on to force their cats to do things that they don’t want. This exposes them to the mean side of their cats.

Some Twitter users share hilarious stories about their mean cats and they are pawsome. Have a look at these stories and you will know that cats can go to any extent to get what they want!


Cats go crazy when you take them to the vet, so it won’t be easy to handle them.


A cat only wants the treats when you forget to get them. If you openly offer the treats to your cat, he won’t even touch them.


Cats hate to wear the cone of shame and there is no way that you can put it on the cat if he doesn’t want to wear it. So just let the cat be!


If a cat wants something, there is no way that you can take it away from the cat. The felines always know how to get their way.


A cat hooman is not supposed to eat something before offering it to his cat. Either you share it with your cat or you don’t eat it at all.


When the cat doesn’t want to leave, but there is no option available. You just have to adjust with your cat’s choices.


Cats love to play with their hoomans, especially when they try to make the bed. This is just their innovative way of stopping their hooman from making their bed.


Cats have weird ways of getting things done. You need to give your cat some time and you will get to know all about it.


When you go against a cat’s wishes, it will do whatever is required to stop you. Please don’t judge the cat!


A cat will always leave behind something that you can remember him by. Sometimes, they leave behind sweet memories. At other times, you have to do with the scars.


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