10 Unexpected Animal Friendships That Prove Love Knows No Boundaries


You may have all sorts of beliefs about animals, but they always end up surprising us all. For instance, have you ever thought that a cat and a dog can be best friends? But they can be and they have shown us time and again. This is just the beginning. There is a lot more to follow.

Here are some unexpected animal friendships that prove love knows no boundaries. Have a look at these pawsome pictures and know for yourself!


“My cats hated the dog when I brought him home. Look at them a week later. They love each other more than me. I feel like an outsider now.”


“My cat was stealing food and give it to this fluffy dog. I decided to adopt him and my cat is really happy.”


“I was a bit hesitant if my cat will like the dog. Now, I have no more doubts.”


Have you ever seen a cat and a deer hangout together? This may seem weird, but it’s totally pawsome.


“When I first saw my cat with a rat, I thought that my cat has killed it. A minutes later I realized what was actually going on.”

A cat is supposed to hunt down rats. Then what is happening here! Have cats and rats been fooling humans all this time. Is this how they really are? Have cats been saving rats from us? As manipulative as cats are, we will never get to know the truth.


“Never thought that my cat and my owl would bond so well. Both of them like to take naps all day and keep me awake at night. It’s them against me.”


Looks like we interrupted a party here! Let’s leave them alone.


This fox and cat look like they are made for each other. Weird, but who cares!


“My cat decided to adopt my tortoise. Now she treats him like her own baby. I find this totally adorable.”


Are you scared of this pair? Well, you should be.

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