10 Weird Cats Doing The Most Random Things Ever


The felines don’t think twice before doing what they want. There is nothing in the world that can stop the cats from doing what they want. It is always the felines who decide what they want to do and they never take instructions from anyone. You don’t have to care if your cat is making the right decision or not. All you have to do is just be there and make sure that your cat is well fed and safe at all times. That is all that a cat will ever ask from his cat hooman.

Here are some weird cats doing the most random things ever. Have a look at these cats and you will know how spontaneous cats can be!


Cats like to hangout in all the weird places in your home. Please don’t judge them or you will only end up wasting your own time.


When your cat won’t leave, so you start building a castle on top of him. “I slept for ten minutes and this is what you did. I will wreck this castle.”


When your cat doesn’t want you to work, it will mess up with the wires.


“Took a nap on the couch and found my cat climbing the walls in the house. I have no clue what the cat is up to.” Cats can do as they like. They don’t need your permission at all.


Cats can act really weird at times. Just let them be and mind your own business. Cats can go to any extent to get their hooman’s attention.


The felines don’t like to see their hoomans working all by themselves. So they won’t sit back and watch their hoomans do all the work. Even if it means creating a mess, the cats would like to give a helping hand to their hooman.


When the cat sits patiently and waits for the dinner, then there is something definitely wrong.


When the cat finally starts walking on two paws and realises that he has been made fool of all this while.


The cats are always watching. Never think that your cat is not around.


When your cat loves your boyfriend more than you and doesn’t leave him alone even for a single moment.

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