10 Weird Cats Doing The Most Random Things Ever


Cats are always busy doing weird and random things. But the question is how weird and random can it get? Cats have an abundance of silly ideas. It’s like they come with a new idea to do something weird every minute. There is no end to it.

Here are some hilarious cats captured while doing random things. We bet you haven’t seen anything more hilarious than these cat pictures today. Have a look!


When you have a spider cat in your home, this is a usual scene.


“Sometimes these hoomans also come up with some crazy ideas. I like this one.”


When your cat tries to move the chair, but can’t do anything other than this. At least your cat convinced you to help him. Cats may not know how to do something, but always get things done.


Another spider cat keeping a watch on his hooman. “My hooman left me with her daughter and I know that this crazy girl is definitely up to something. But she doesn’t know that I am way smarter than her mother.”


Cats also go by the name ‘entertainment’. Choose what you want to call them.

A cat hooman knows that there is nothing funnier than their cat in the entire world. Cats go through a hundred moods in the entire day. Acting weird is a usual thing for cats.


Cats may not actually help, but pretending to help is as good as the actual help.


“I did not touch the toilet paper this time. I swear. It was your son who created this mess.”


“Okay hooman, it’s time to answer all the questions honestly. I would like to start with my catnip stash that you have hidden so well. Where is it?”


When your cat finally realizes that he is the adopted one and his hooman is the one who takes decision in the house.


“I am stuck here and this is what my hooman did to help me. I knew he was an idiot, but this has gone beyond limits.”

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