10 Weirdo Cats Exposed By Their Owners


Cats keep on doing weird stuff all the time. Nobody knows why cats do such weird stuff. But one thing is for sure that they are never short of weird ideas and stuff to do. Maybe this is what cats discuss in their secret meetings. It is important for the cats to keep themselves updated with all the new trends and weird things to do.

Here are some weirdo cats who were exposed by their owners. Have a look and we bet you won’t be able to stop laughing!


Every cat has a weird way of getting its hooman’s attention and keeping him fit as well. One for the cat and one for the cat hooman.


The guests should pay full attention to the cat or else it will bite.


Cats are either present in the same room as their hoomans or they are constantly staring at them. you can’t do anything about this because every cat has its own way.


Cats may not like water, but they really like to waste it.


Cats are quick learners and they like to pick up certain things from their hoomans. “I like the way how my hooman seems. It is very comfortable. I should adopt it too.”

It’s strange how cats quickly adopt to our ways of like and we get used to all the weird things they do. Cats are pawsome pets and they easily make space in anyone’s heart. Cats and their hoomans share a beautiful bond. Nobody can ever break this bond, no matter how hard one tries.


Cats are very sophisticated pets, except when they want their hoomans to chase them all around the house.


Every cat has a unique way to trouble its hooman.


Hooman, come play hide and seek with me.


When your cat plays dead in order to scare you and it works.


This cat is the sweetest pet ever.

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