20 Cat Tumblr Posts That All Cat Owners Will Definitely Relate To


Cat Tumblr posts are super hilarious. You have to see them, if you haven’t yet seen them. Here are some cat Tumblr posts that all cat owners will definitely relate to. Have a look at these cat posts and even if you are not a cat hooman, you will understand what cat owners go through!


When the cats work together, there is nothing that can go wrong. Cats are good at organizing.


Cats have a lot of mood swings and you need to take their permission before doing anything.


Cats are super relatable. They will understand you the best because they want the same things as you.


You are not allowed to move when your cat is sitting on your lap. That’s the rule that every cat hooman should know.


When you finally find out what your cat wanted all along and you couldn’t believe that cats can be sensitive too.


When your cat is smart, so you have to be smarter.


If you think that you have adopted a cat, then you are completely wrong. It’s your cat who is domesticating you.


When you live with cats, things might get weird at times.


Cats are super useful only if you know what to do with them. Never ever call cats useless.


Cats always know everything. There is nothing that is hidden from them.


When you can’t find your cat, just call him once and he will suddenly appear. But this message may not happen every time.


It is possible to annoy cats too. Look what has happened here.


When the cat wants to understand what really happened, but nobody tells him anything.


Cats are usually smart, but sometimes they too like to play stupid.


This cat doesn’t look happy at all. You need to delete that picture right now.


When you trick your cat and take him to the vet’s office.


Cats always find the purrfect place to sleep. Also, once they start sleeping in your bed, things are not going to change.


Cats too get in trouble at times. This is why they keep hoomans.


You can make the rules, but a cat won’t follow.


When your cat watch movies sitting alongside you.

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