20 Hilarious Instructions Left By A Woman For Boyfriend On How To Deal With Her Cat


Women can be really possessive about some things and one of them is their pawsome cats. One women left her boyfriend with instructions on how to take care of her cat and it is pawsome. Have a look at these instructions. You might need them too.


The best way to take care of the cat is cuddle with her.


Cats are a big fan of hygiene. This is one way that you can impress the cat and also required to be done when you are with a cat.


It may not seem like cats eat a lot, but they do. So the cat hoomans always need to have cat food in stock at all times.


Always make sure that your cat’s food bowl is always full.


Treat your cat when the time is right. You should know how to keep the cat happy.


Cats like things clean. Make sure that you keep your cat’s bowl super clean at all times.


Cats love to eat biscuits. You can always give them biscuits when they are hungry.

It is easy to take care of your cat if you know what is right for them. All you got to do is make sure that you follow the rules and don’t do anything that goes against your cat’s wished. Also, your cat is the one who will set the rules in the house. So just be sure that you listen and obey.


Always make sure that your cat’s litter tray is clean.


Making sure that your cat’s bowl is clean is super essential. Always take care of that.


You are not allowed to keep the door closed when you are living with a cat.


Cats love to roam around, so make sure that the cat is inside the house before it gets dark.


Always know where the insurance papers of your pet are. You never know when you will need them.


Also, don’t touch the cat without its permission.


Cats are scared of water, so make sure that you protect the cat from water.


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