20 Hilarious Tumblr Cats Posts Show That Cats Are Just Eloquent Enough To Be Melodramatic


Cats are smart and they just know how to keep their hoomans in control. Cats are fun to be with and there is nothing that you can do to stop yourself from falling in love with cats. Here are some hilarious Tumble cat posts that show cats are just eloquent enough to be melodramatic. Have a look at these posts and you will have a good laugh!


When your cat is sitting on your lap, you are not supposed to move. That is the first and the last rule of living with a cat.


Disrespecting your cat can land you in big trouble. Always be careful around your cat.


Cats always want your attention, except for the time when you are giving your cat all your attention.


You have to make sure that your cat’s bowl is always full, especially when they are eating.


Cats are smart, but they like to pretend otherwise just to make you laugh.


Cats never give up. If you think that you can resist your cat, then you are definitely wrong.


Cats can be really overdramatic at times. You just have to give them some time to bring out their true self.


There are some good days when your cat actually behaves like a good boy and let you enjoy.


When all your cat wants is warmth, but he is not aware of the consequences.


When the cat wants to play with you, but you have some sleep to get. It would be better if you keep the door shut.


This is what you will have to face when you leave the door open.


Cats can also get confused at times, you just have to play smart.


This is how you can get your cat’s full attention. Just be careful not to anger him.


It can get a little scary at first, but eventually the cat will start to enjoy it.


The cat looks really sad. You should just leave him alone for sometime.


This cat appreciates art, so his hooman got paintings for him.


Cats can be super hilarious at times.


This kitty has got his own room and it is super adorable.


It’s funny how the furry ones grow up so quickly.


Cats are super smart.

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