A Lost Cat Keeps Staring Into a Random Family’s Windows, and the Story Gets Better and Better With Every Day


Cats are pawsome pets till the time they start doing something to freak you out and act like crazy maniacs. It is still all good as long as you know the cat.

But what will you do if you find a stranger cat looking down your window?

Something similar happened to Erin Breean when she took her dog for a walk outside with her boyfriend.

Erin noticed a strange furry cat, but she had no idea that the cat would stalk her and her family for a couple of days. Well, cats can do anything to achieve what they want and you really need to read this cat’s story in order to know to what extent cats can go!

Everyone knows this and even survival instructors suggest that if you are lost in the wild, it’s best to stay in one place. This thing makes the entire rescue and search operation easier. This cat knew this really well and he applied it in real life as well.

Erin explained that during their first meeting, the cat looked over friendly and well fed. But not to mention that the cat tried his best to attack the dog. That’s when Erin realized that the cat must be lost. The cat looked fine so Erin didn’t take him to the vet or the shelter. She even hoped that this would help to speed up the process of finding the cat’s hooman.

Erin immediately took several pictures of the cat and shared on the social media and left the cat outside so that he would leave. But the cat Greg had no intentions of leaving. He stayed near the window of the house and kept on staring at the entire family.

Greg even tried to break into their home. The family got completely confused as to what the cat really wanted from them.

Did he want to get inside the house or attack the dog or get back to his owner?

Even though the cat thought that he was on the right path, the entire family decided to ignore the cat. Maybe the cat got disappointed because he disappeared after a while, only to return later. This time the cat used another strategies and even meowed and tried to get inside through the doggy door.

When nothing worked, he curled up and fell asleep. Erin said that they could feel the cat’s eyes on them day and night. Finally after few days, Erin managed to find Greg’s owner.

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