An Adorable Cat With White Eyebrows Is Conquering People’s Hearts On The Internet


Have you ever met a black cat with white eyebrows? Well, you are about to meet one such adorable cat.

Meet Cornelius Cornbread, the black cat with white eyebrows!

This charming little cat lives in Nashville, Tennessee. His peculiar eyebrows are already a sensation on the internet and has won many people’s hearts. You will also be among them now.

The cat’s hoomom Karen Mellette said that the cat has white eyebrows since his birth. This is due to the lack of hair in the particular area between his ears and eyes. The cat also has an Instagram page with lots of followers. His fans love to watch the cat go through several adventures throughout the day and his fabulous eyebrows are very famous.

Cornelius not only has a striking appearance, but a very sweet personality too.

Like every other cat, Cornelius also likes attention. He makes sure that he has got everyone’s attention. The moment the little kitty realizes that nobody is paying attention to him, he starts demanding everyone’s attention.

Cornelius is always on the lookout for his family. He recognizes his family’s emotions and does everything in his control to make them happy.

The cat’s family is happy and full of joy since the time the cat entered their life. The family was going through a hard time and suffering from the loss of another pet when Cornelius entered their life.

Karen’s husband wanted to get another pet and as soon as he met Cornelius, he knew what to do.

Karen said,

Cornelius approached me, proceeded to show off, and let me hold him, that sealed the deal and he has been my little friend ever since.

The cat was super energetic and curious when he was little. He ran around and played with his hoomans whenever he wanted their attention. Karen feels that adopting Cornelius was the best decision that the family took.

She said,

Cornbread is very important to me because it was a comfort during a difficult time in my life. His hilarious antics and love helped me heal from the loss of our cat Inky.

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