Awwdorable Senior Cat Cries If His Sweater Is Taken Off


Cats always have what they want and they can go to any extent for it. One senior cat has decided to use his tears to get what he wants. Steve, the kitty, is eighteen years old and he doesn’t like it when his hooman takes off his sweater. This is totally cute.

Steve is a cuddly, chill and clingy cat. Everybody loves the cat. Here are some of the best snaps of this senior cat. Have a look at his adorable pictures and you will also fall in love with Steve!


Meet Steve! Look at his big adorable eyes. With these adorable eyes, he can make anyone fall in love with him.


Unlike most cats, Steve likes to cuddle with his hooman. He likes to stay close to his hooman.


The cat also likes to stay near his hooman when in shower. The cat’s hooman is not allowed to leave his cat at any cost.


Steve is not always sweet. He can create a lot of trouble at times. When the cat needs the complete attention of his hooman, he would dive right in between his hooman and the phone screen. Nothing can come between the cat and his hooman.


Steve’s hooman said,

He’s also been a trooper while I’ve dragged him cross-country for work. He never lived anywhere with snow before, so the Northeast cold has been an adjustment for his old and arthritic bones (which he has a heated bed and blankets for, so don’t worry!).


Sadly, the cat is getting ill and doesn’t stay well all the time. He is already suffering with diabetes and kidney disease.


Nobody is allowed to take off the cat’s sweater. He creates a hue and cry if anyone even tries.


This is how he likes to sleep with his sweater on. The cat deserves only love.

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