Cat Behaviorist Busts 10 Common Myths About Cats


Cat behaviourist busts some common myths about cats. Have a look at these cats and you will know a lot more about cats than you do right now! People have a lot of wrong presumptions about cats and it’s time we clear them.


Many people think that cats plot revenge against their hoomans as they are spiteful. If you believe so, then you are completely wrong. Cats care the most for their hoomans.


For those who think that cats are anti-social and don’t like to be around people, they need to see these cats. The felines love to be around their hoomans and siblings. It’s just a myth that they like to be left alone.


People assume that cats pee on those people whom they hate. However, the reason why cats do this is completely opposite of this. Cats do this to leave a mark and the common scent allows the cats to know who belongs to their group and who doesn’t.


Cats have bad manners and in order to spit their hoomans, they scratch the furniture. But this is not true at all. Every cat has an urge to scratch and it is an integral part of their life.


There is no need to train the cat. People who believe this are completely wrong. Even though cats are skillful, they need to be trained.


Cats can entertain themselves and they don’t need you to play with them. Well, this is not true at all. Cat hoomans should spend at least half an hour playing with their cats everyday.


Your cats show aggression when it wants to dominate you. They just want to show who the boss is. You might be mistaken here too. There are a lot of reasons why a cat would show aggression. Cats do this in order to attract attention or be playful.


Keeping cats from going outside can prevent them from getting sick. However, this is not true at all. Cats can get infections even when they are kept inside home.


People who believe that cats always land on their feet need to see this. Even though cats have good built-in reflexes, they can still fall on the wrong side and get hurt.


Cats can heal themselves by eating the right grass and licking their wounds. However, this is not true at all. Please take your cats to the vet when they are wounded.

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