Cat Brings Its Parents A Note From The Neighbors He Visits, They Become Pen Pals With The Cat As Their Postman


People hardly keep in touch with their neighbors nowadays. But the cats are making sure that they change this trend. In today’s time, life is getting so fast that it is really hard to take out time for yourself, let alone spend time with your neighbors.

Meet Billy who lives with his hoomans Olga Shipunova (29) and Zach King (37) in Hackney, London.

Billy’s hoomans were able to become friends with their hoomans all because of the little kitty. The cat knew that only he could make this possible. Here’s how Billy became a postman. Read till the end. The story is totally amusing.

It also started with the note found on the cat’s collar. Look what was written on the note!

Billy’s hoomans decided to reply back to the thread. They did not know what to say to their cat’s new friends.

The communications began and the cat acted like a good postman to ensure that they go on.

The cat is very responsible and he makes sure that each and every note is delivered. He likes to plan his route in advance.

After the introduction was over, the new friends decided to go ahead and share some recipes too. It was going on really smoothly by now. It has become a normal thing now. The cat was really happy that his hoomans were also friends with his new friends.

Billy may not be the first one in the litter to get adopted, but he found the purrfect home.

As the notes got longer, the neighbors decided that there should be a proper mailbag to carry the notes. It would be easier for the cat too.

Look how cute this little mailbag is!

After the mailbag was taken care of, the cat’s hoomans made sure that the notes were written in different colors to make them look more beautiful. If the cat was making so many efforts, how could his hoomans not do their part!

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