‘Cat.Exe Has Stopped Working’ IG Account Shares Images Of Broken Cats And It’s Hilarious


Cats are pawsome and purrfect most of the times. But at times, they too need a break. There are times when cats don’t like to be perfect and it seems like they are broken. This is when people think that cats are weird and crazy. But cats don’t care if they are being judged. They have never cared about the opinion of others. People may call them broken or weird, but cats always do what they feel like doing.

‘Cat.Exe has stopped working’ IG account shares images of broken cats and it’s hilarious. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will get a good laugh!


When your cat goes ahead and does what he wants, even when you tell him not to. Cats be cats and they do as they like.


This cat is regretting what she did. Having kittens is not at all. She should have thought about it before.


When the cat is confused if it’s a human or a cat. Well, living with a cat will be a completely different experience. It’s nothing like what you experience with other pets.


Your cat also has the ability to fly. There is nothing that cats can’t do. You just have to give your cat enough space and time and let them explore all they want.


When the cat doesn’t have much time, so he combines stretching and eating together.

Cats can get really messy at times. Cat hoomans know this about their cats and they are already prepared to face it all.


When there is a cat at home, you don’t need to go out for anything. Ask your cat and it will show you all that he has got.


If you ever see your cat smiling on its own while looking in the mirror, just be careful. There’s a lot going on in a cat’s mind.


If this is what water does to cats, then it is quite obvious why they hate water.


Cats can be a little clumsy at times too. You can’t expect them to be purrfect at all times.


Always ask a cat before touching it. You can’t get away with it.

Don’t forget to share these pawsome cat pictures with your family and friends! It’s good to spread happiness around. What are your views about these cats? Share with us in the comments below!

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