Cat Hooman Illustrates How His Cat Helped Him Fight Depression


Many people don’t take depression seriously and think that there is nothing wrong with a person who is depressed. We often don’t realise that people with depression actually need help. Anyone can experience depression at any point in life. You never know what might trigger it. A cat hooman named Yash Pandit depicted through illustrations how his cat helped him fight depression and it’s pawsome.

It’s important that we keep a check on each other, especially the ones who are depressed. But many people have nobody around to take care of these things. This is when our furry ones come into the picture. All you have to do is get a cat and it will take care of everything. Meet Bagheera, Yash Pandit’s cat.

Bagheera is a mischievous cat and he keeps on doing weird things just to make sure that things doesn’t get boring and too serious for his hooman. The adventurous cat keeps on experimenting and often gets into tricky places. But the furry one knows that his hooman is always there to rescue him.

Unlike other cats, Bagheera like to play with all the things that he can find around him. This also encourages Yash to find things that might entertain the cat.

The little kitty has given his hooman some purpose in life. Even on days when Yash doesn’t feel like getting out of bed, Bagheera encourages him. Yash knows that he has to take care of the cat and that is enough to make him get out of the bed.

Bagheera also makes sure that Yash takes care of himself as well. Along with the cat, Yash also remembers to feed himself and take care of himself.

Cats know how to make Yash what is supposed to be done. The feline doesn’t like stinky clothes, so Yash has to do laundry every day. The kitty is responsible for making his hooman more responsible. Bagheera also makes sure that Yash gets up early in the morning.

The little furball also keeps on reminding Yash of all the little things in life. Tending to all the little needs of the cat, Yash has also learnt how to take care of himself.

What else? Bagheera is a good listener. So Yash always has somebody by his side to talk to and share all his stuff. The kitty never lets Yash feel lonely.

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