Cat Hooman Turns To The Internet To Feel Better After His Cat Dies In His Bedroom


Losing a pet is not easy at all. It is heart breaking and one of the saddest moments in a person’s life. It’s like one moment your furry pet is there beside you and the next moment he is gone. It can shatter your heart in a million pieces.

It could break your heart into a million pieces. It will come all of a sudden and you won’t even realize what happened. One Quora user faced a similar thing and he just couldn’t get over the fact that he couldn’t even help his feline. This cat hooman found out about his cat’s death after he got up from a nap. He didn’t even realized what the cat was going through.

The cat’s hoomans felt really bad and guilty for everything. It happened so unexpectedly that they couldn’t even do anything about it. So they went ahead and shared the story with everyone in order to stop feeling guilty about it. He got an amazing response from everyone.

Here’s what people have to say about this cat hooman’s sad story of losing his cat!

Cats are very particular about who they hand out with. In fact, it will take your cat some time before it even decides to open up to you. Cats take some time before they finally trust their hoomans. You should always ask for your cat’s permission before you decide to pet them or else you might end up with a lot of scratches.

Everyone has to leave one day. This cat hooman should just be happy that the cat chose to die beside him. Maybe the little really found comfort with his hooman.

The cat decided to spend her last moments with her hooman and there couldn’t be anything better than this. The cat’s hoomans must have done something special for the cat. This also shows that the cat was really happy with her hoomans. There is nothing to feel guilty about.

After reading these comments, the cat hoomans must be feeling really relaxed and definitely less guilty about the entire incident. It is not easy to lose a pet and even more difficult to accept the fact that you can’t do anything about it.

Don’t forget to share this cat story with your friends. Maybe somebody also needs to hear all this. Share your views with us in the comments!

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