Cat People Are More Intelligent Than Dog People, Study Reveals


Cats and dogs have been really close to humans since people started domesticating animals. But dog people and cat people never stop fighting that their pet is better. Which side are you on? Is it cats or dogs?

Recent studies reveal that cat people are more intelligent than dog people. It doesn’t matter which pet is more loyal or better. It is proven than cat people are more intelligent than dog people.

Cat people are usually just like their cats – judgmental, haughty and love loneliness. Dog people on the other hand are athletic, energetic and affectionate. They are easy to trust and more like an open book.

How are cat people more intelligent than dog people?

A study and research was conducted at the Association for Psychological Science meeting of Carroll University. Associate professor Denise Guastello researched on the personality differences between dog people and cat people.

Guastello said,

It makes sense that a dog person is going to be more lively, because they’re going to want to be out there, outside, talking to people, bringing their dog. If you’re more introverted, and sensitive, maybe you’re at home reading a book, and your cat doesn’t need to go outside for a walk.

If you like to spend time alone reading, then cat is definitely the pet for you. As per Live Science reports, cats have almost three hundred million neurons which are double the size of neurons that dogs have.

Cats and dogs love their hoomans a lot. But dogs are more dependent on their hoomans as compared to cats. Dogs were domesticated by humans around twenty thousand years ago. This is why they are more obedient. Cats, on the other hand, like autonomy and independence. They are the hallmarks of success and intelligence.

Cats and dogs are very different from each other and so are their hoomans. It all depends on a person’s personality whether they want to adopt a cat or a dog. Which one will you choose? Comment below to let us know.

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