Cat Rescued And Raised By Dog Siblings Started Acting Like A Dog Too


This is a story of a Belgian firefighter. This Belgian firefighter rescued some abandoned kittens and even adopted one of them. When you bring a new member in your family, you need to make sure that everyone is comfortable and welcomes the new member in the family.

The Belgian firefighter’s family welcomed the rescued cat with love.

The doggos in the family were more than happy to welcome the cat in their family. The doggos did not treat the cat any differently and played with him as if he was one of them. The firefighter named the little kitten ‘Azmael’. The little kitty is now a part of the pack of dogs.

The dogs make sure that the cat is safe and protected at all times. Azmael also accompanies the dogs on their walk. Even the firefighter’s wife loves the new pet in the house. She loves to take picture of the new pack and shares them on social media as well.

The pets in the picture are Nimue (Altdeutscher Schäferhund), Azmael (the cat) and Liam (White Swiss Shepherd).

When the cat was rescued, he was in a critical situation.

The vets were not sure if the cat would survive or not. Fortunately, the cat fought bravely and showed strength during the tough times.

On the very first day the kitten was at our place, we noticed that he had eyes only for our Swiss Shepherd. At first, the dog wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do with the little creature (Is it food? A new toy?), but after a few hours, he decided that the kitty was a new friend.

The little kitty and dogs have a really special bond. The firefighter’s wife also shared how the Shepherd was the best pillow for the kitten. The cat also became best friends with the other dog in the house, Nimue.

The cat and dogs are giving everyone sibling goals. The way they protect and take care of each other is just remarkable! Here’s what people have to say about these pawsome furry siblings!

It is often said that cats and dogs can never be friends. But after reading this story, you can definitely say that this is not at all true. In fact, cats and dogs can be best of friends. The rescued kitty started believing that he too was one among the dogs when he started living with them.

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