Cat-Sitter Shares The Note Owner Left About His Four Cats, And They’re Hilariously Accurate


It is never easy to leave your cat alone. Leaving your furry friend alone at home can leave you in some anxiety. This is how cat sitting came to be. It could be a little strange, but cat hoomans really need them. Here we have an interesting story where the cat-sitter shared the note left by a cat hooman about his four cats. The note is super accurate and quite hilarious.

It all began with Amanda’s decision to look after her friend’s cats for a night. Amanda’s friend left behind a note explaining the personalities of the four cats. Amanda found the note very helpful as the cat did exactly as Amanda’s friend said.

Amanda posted about it on Tumblr and her post went immediately viral. Over 540,000 people shared it. Scroll down to know what was there in that precious note!

Here’s what Amanda posted on Tumblr!

Do you want to see what Amanda’s friend told her about the cats? Here’s the precise, but super accurate note in which Amanda’s friend explained everything to her. Have a look!

Meet Samson! The kitty is all gray and looks like the purrfect cat drawn by a Disney animator.

Dobby is all black, without any tail. It seems that this kitty was drawn by someone who doesn’t know what a cat looks like or maybe someone who has never seen a cat.

You have to be a little careful with Dixie: Calico. She would use her nails to show her love and speak with a squeaky voice.

Wilson is gray and white, a little obese and totally adorable. He looks like Tony Soprano and could be a mob boss.

It is adorable how this cat hooman described the cats and also a bit hilarious. She nailed the way of describing cats. Nobody can know cats better than their own hoomans. Amanda’s friend has got a hilarious way of describing her cats and it turned out to be accurate as well. So next time you leave your cat with someone else, a note will be surely helpful. It would definitely give the other person an idea how to deal with your cats.


Here are some bonus cat snapchats for you! Cats are the best and you will always have amazing time with them.

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