Family’s Group Text About Their Cat’s Death Has Absurdly Hilarious Twist


Our cats become a part of our lives as much as any other member of our family. There is nothing that a cat owner would do without their cats because cats like to get involved in everything. All you have to do is get a pet and you will know.

Since people are so close to their cats, losing their cats is one of the most traumatic experience that they will have to go through in their lives. One family lost their cat and they were completely devastated. Read what happened!

This family’s cat was found on the roadside lifeless. The family couldn’t believe that it was their cat at first, but they had no other option.

The Schmidt family’s mom found Kitty the cat who was a seven year old pastel Calico. Her husband Eric told their kids about the cat and everyone was really upset.

When your mom drove the neighborhood just now, she found her in the street near the house. Your mom is pretty emotional so please reach out when you can and offer your support.

But it seems like this is not the end of the story. There is more to it. The Schmidt family mistakenly buried someone else’s cat. The cat that they found dead on the roadside was not their cat. It was someone else’s cat. Read what happened next!

Everyone was surprised to listen what happened. They couldn’t believe at first that their cat was still alive. But they were so happy to hear that Kitty the cat was alive.

It can be really tough for anyone to lose their cat. The good news is that this family found their cat back. Still, it was a roller coater of emotions for them.


Here are some bonus cat pictures for you! Have a look at them and you will see how pawsome cats are and you will have a good laugh for sure!

Cats are weird and they always do what comes to their mind. If you think that your cat will follow your advice, then you are completely wrong. Cats make their own rules and they don’t think before doing anything.

If you live with a cat, you know how it is.

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