Guy Transforms Empty Space Behind Wall Into Tiny Bedroom For His Cat, Makes Other Cat Parents Feel Bad About Themselves


Recently, a couple transformed an empty place under the staircase in their home into a stylish room for their little kitty named Stella. Most of the cats don’t need expensive gifts or a room of their own to be happy. Cats know how to enjoy little things in life. If you a cat hooman, you will know that a cat hooman will enjoy an empty cardboard box more than the expensive gift that you bought for him.

This story about a handsome cat named Wyatt who got his own bedroom with toys, art work, bed and even a personal TV. The cat was adopted by Bryan Davies and his family few months back. Davies realized that there was an empty small place along his bedroom wall. So he decided to turn it into a small room for Wyatt.

The story went immediately viral after Davies shared it on his Twitter account. Every cat hooman felt that they were not taking proper care of their cats after looking at this story. This also inspired the cat hoomans around the world to treat their cats in a better way.

Davies furnished the cat’s room with a little cat-sized bed and other furniture including rug, scratching post and lots of toys. Not only this, but there are cat themed artworks also in the room, just to give a cozy touch to the cat’s room.

Studies show that cats have a positive impact on the mental as well as physical health of their hoomans. Cats help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and myocardial infarction. Spending time with cats reduces heart rate and keeps blood pressure in control. The furry ones also relive their hoomans of stress and provide irreplaceable emotional support to them.

Since cats do so much for us, it’s only reasonable that we should do our best to contribute to their happiness by doing the little things possible. If not an entire room, you can always build a cardboard castle for your cats.

Another cat Miru-Chan who lives in Japan has a tiny custom made umbrellas for walks on rainy days. The cat also gets relaxing spa days.

Every cat hooman should do all the little things to make their cats happy. The felines try their best and do all the weird things just to put a smile on our face.

Here’s how people react to the tweet by Davies about his cat’s little room!

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